Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Football Attic Confessional

One of the joys of writing this blog is going through all the things I have collected over the years.

The Football Attic Confessional - Now Open
One of the not so joyous aspects is facing the fact that there are some things I used to own which I now don't...for I have sinned.

We all reach a point in life where we look over our childhood ephemera and in a moment of insanity, convince ourselves that the journey into adulthood can only be completed by turning our back on our youthful pursuits.  This my friends, was a lie!

The burden of guilt weighs heavy on me as I know it must do you for your own misdemeanours. To this end, The Football Attic Confessional is now open, ready to absolve you of your previous mistakes.

To make you all feel at home, I hereby confess to the following crime:

Throwing away every single copy* of Shoot! magazine from June 1986 to somewhere around 1991!

And let's not forget that at the same time I also disposed of every single copy* of Match from somewhere in 1987 to around 1991.

And now my fellow sinners, it's over to you. Share here your idiocy and let the world know all you have cast aside in the name of 'growing up'

* OK so I kept some special editions, World Cup issues etc...