Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big picture looks good at practice

Steve Addazio talks about the new additions on the staff.

Much has changed about Temple football spring practice in one year.
That big ugly project in the background has been replaced by beautiful buildings on one side.
On the other side, a $10 million addition to a 12-year-old $7 million football facility is going up (and will be done by fall practice).
Not only is the scenery looking good, Al Golden's "core value" of stockpiling talent at the redshirt level is kicking in for the good of the team.
Expect many of the "true freshmen" who Golden redshirted (16 of them) two years ago to make an immediate impact. We'll talk about those redshirts in the coming days.
So while the scenery around the practice field improves, so will the talent level on the field, despite whatever losses to graduation and NFL the Owls experience in April and May.