Friday, March 23, 2012

Matty Ice Rock

Matty Brown talks to Bill Evans about his 2012 role.

I never knew what that meant until about two years ago when Muhammad Wilkerson found my Facebook page, sent me a "friend request" message and I was only too happy to accept.
Heck, when I know the name and respect the person, I usually accept.
That goes for Muhammad "Highly Praised" Wilkerson and anybody else.
Temple's all-purpose yards leaders, 2011 season.

Well, after the 8-4 Temple team that beat the Big East champion UConn team was refused a bowl bid, I saw Wilkerson's message on his Facebook page that fateful Sunday morning.
"Coach told us we're done. Smh."
"What's smh mean?" I asked.
"Shakin' my head, Mr. Gibson," he said.
Now a lot of Big East fans think Temple is done because Bernard "The Franchise" Pierce is gone and I have a three-letter response.
They don't know Matty "Rock" Brown.
They soon will.
Brown, as a backup to Pierce, has posted nine 100-yard-plus games in his career.
Think about that.
It's remarkable that a STARTING back posts nine 100-yard games. It's unheard of that a backup accomplishes this.
In fact, there are a lot of fans sitting around me that think Brown is better than Pierce as a college back.
Not me.
"I know you are a Pierce guy," my friend, Cyrus, turned to me and said during one game. "I'm a Brown guy."
There were Brown guys and Pierce guys all over the stadium last year.
Now we're all Brown guys.
He will be the rock upon which Temple's formidable running game will be built in 2012.