Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Final Word on Ball State: OUTFREAKINGSTANDING!

OK, out-freaking-standing is a hyphenated word but that was my one-word reaction watching Temple dismantle Ball State, 42-0, while sitting in a Panera Bread in Montgomeryville and getting free wireless internet.
Outfreakingstanding was not my reaction to the broken feed from the MAC corporate offices.
I missed the first two touchdowns completely while looking at a black screen that said something like "feed broken."
Yeah, I knew that.
I also missed a nice pass to Rod Streater that set up one touchdown.
I felt bad for the kid with the hot brunette and the "Wild Cherry" T-Shirt looking over my shoulder at the black screen. Then I realized he had a hot brunette and I didn't feel so bad for him. I told him the score was 14-0 Temple.
Steve Addazio: Pissed-off Owls
"Aww right," he said.
They left shortly after that.
(Panera Bread is a great date place.)
Back to the game.
All week long, Temple coach Steve Addazio said that he would make things hard on the Owls because he wanted "one pissed-off team" to be playing on Saturday in Muncie.
If so, I want Addazio to do the same thing this week, the same thing next and the same thing the rest of the season.
The Owls played pissed off against Maryland and full of themselves against Toledo and it is obvious that they play a lot better pissed off.
So Daz, you have my permission (and probably those of my fellow Owl fans) to do whatever is necessary to keep pissing them off.
Some other observations:
Great job, Chester Stewart

QUARTERBACKING _ Great job by Chester Stewart. All Chester has to do is complete some downfield passes, hand the ball off to the running backs and protect the football for the Owls to run the table. Chester's most impressive job was ball security. With this defense and this running game, ball security is vital. No interceptions. No fumbles. This game also represents the first time since I've been covering Temple football (30-plus years) that four (4) quarterbacks saw time. It looks like now second-teamer Chris Coyer is averaging 72 yards per carry, probably the highest ypc in all of NCAA football. Two carries and two LONG touchdowns. Nice.
The Franchise showed BSU what PSU already knows.
RUSHING GAME _ Bernard Pierce scored three touchdowns, ran 30 times for 121 yards and broke Paul Palmer's career touchdown record (39) with his 39th, 40th and 41st career touchdowns. The stat of note now is that when Pierce carries the ball 25 times or more Temple is 15-0. Plus, Matty Brown added 114 yards including the highlight reel run of the season so far.
DEFENSE _ After giving up 36 points (mostly not their fault), people got on me about not giving the defense grief. I wrote that much of the defense's problems last week stemmed from the two fumbles and the two interceptions and the multiple three-and-outs. I ended my summation with the phrase "in Heater I trust" and Chuck Heater and his fire-eaters came through once again. Too many of those guys played well to mention two or three. They are a group of gang-tacklers and that's what I love second most about them. First most? Putting the quarterback on his ass, which I've said for years is the best pass defense ever designed by man.
Morry Mannies
BROADCAST _  Morry Mannies, the  Ball State play-by-play guy, must be old. He first called Mike Gerardi "Mark Carchitti" and then called him "Mike Carchardi." Ugh. He also mis-pronounced many other Owl names. His sidekick said his record broadcasting Homecoming Games was "40-17." That's right. Forty and 17, a number that was repeated three times. Forty and 17 is 57. If this guy started out at 21, he's at least 78. And I thought Harry Donahue was old. So if this guy is over 80, I've got to cut him some slack. He also said he sat through a 66-0 loss to St. Joseph's. I assume that's St. Joseph's of Indiana. I'll have to tell him someday that I sat through a 76-0 loss to Pitt once.