Saturday, October 15, 2011

The defense never rests

Steve Addazio talks about the great Homecoming crowd and the continued support of the students, which I thought was both classy and appropriate.

Steve Addazio came up big
 on game day once again.
Someone said something very profound in Lot K after today's 34-0 win over Buffalo and it had nothing to do with Villanova, The Big East or exit fees.
"We should have five shutouts," the man said.
I'll call him Edgar, because that's his name.
Think about it for a second or two and you'll come to agree.
Villanova scored a bogus touchdown only because the officials kept flags in their pockets after an obvious intentional grounding.
Maryland scored a late meaningless touchdown against Temple's third-string defense.
If that's not enough evidence supporting my claim that Chuck Heater is far and away the best defensive coordinator in the country, I don't know what is.
Two things stood out for me today.
One, after Bernard Pierce had a touchdown called back on a totally made up block in the back call, Steve Addazio called a timeout just to berate the two officials and tell them just why the block was legal.
I liked that.
I liked that a lot.
Two, Addazio had the gonads to call the short snap call on fourth-and-two that resulted in Ahkeem Smith's touchdown run.
Great call, great execution.
I wondered if Al Golden would have done either thing.
I don't think he ever did.
Off to an alumni function and more tomorrow.