Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MAC Blogger Roundtable Week 7

This week's MAC Blogger Roundtable questions come from Let's Go Rockets, the Toledo blog. His questions are in white, my answers are in yellow.

1.) This far into the season, what has been the single biggest disappointment from your respective team?
The lack of a sophisticated forward passing attack. Owls have had success with the short- and intermediate routes, but have struggled to throw the deep ball after some promising first couple of games in that area.

2.) If the first season to this point was replayed without any injuries or personnel loses to your squad, how different would your team’s position be at this point in the season? Would having everyone healthy and available drastically change where you sit now and the potential for the rest of the season?

I would say no different.  Penn State sold out to stop the run, leaving only a safety in the middle of the field and two corners and bunching the other eight players on the line of scrimmage. Temple's used two quarterbacks in that game and neither one had a good day. Still, it came to a close spot on a fourth-and-one play that allowed the Nits to win it with 2 minutes left.

3.) We predicted winners in each division and a MAC champion at the start of the season - based on what we’ve seen of the teams now, revise your picks for MAC East, MAC West, and MACC winners.

Toledo and Temple. Either UT or TU will win the overall title. Not enough info at this point to determine that outcome.
4.) Announcements are surfacing this week that the Peace Pipe will be discontinued as the trophy for the victor of the Toledo / BGSU rivalry, but the rivalry will be rebranded the “Battle for I-75” and include a new trophy. Speak about what the loss of tradition and traditional rivalries would mean to your team and whether a trophy/name change, for example, would diminish from the rivalry.
I think a rivalry should be determined by an inadamant object. For example, "The Old Shoe" or the "bucket" or something like that, not by an interstate. Maybe an Ipod. Temple's rival used to be Rutgers. Owls don't have a "real" rival now.

5.) Rank ‘em.
Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Ball State
Eastern Michigan
Kent State