Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Worst of Modern Football?

Here in the Attic, we love the "good old days"! This doesn't mean we don't like football now, but there are some things we just can't stand!

What with the growing Against Modern Football movement and a general sense of disenchantment about the game we all love, Chris and I were discussing what we despise most about the modern game.

My personal bugbear is one word..."Tekkers." Just hearing that word as I type it makes me want to punch a wall!!!

We started drawing up a list of anything we could think of... and it started growing rapidly. There's 22 things on there already!

With brains already ticking over, we thought it'd be nice to get all interactive again, given how much fun we had with the Greatest Shirt Sponsor Ever.

The plan is to get a list of all the things we hate about modern football, at which point we'll draw up a tournament to find out which is the worst of all.

So... what are all the things you despise?  Leave a comment here or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook!


P.S. For balance, we're also going to do a 'what's best about old football' too... :-)