Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Highlights from the Cherry and White game 2013

Liz Sim sent over this video by email that she did for Owls Update. Great job by Temple-made Liz, a journalism major.

Sorry to see that a guy named Justin Klugh lists "Temple University" as the only school on his resume.
Klugh is a sports producer at Philly.com and, according to his LinkedIn file is responsible for "organizing content on Philly.com Sports. Making editorial decisions about the placement of stories." 
Make that "non-stories."
Great ESPN story on Connor Reilly:
Here's an example of the kind of stories worth publishing. While ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports,  Justin Klugh and Philly.com are way at the back of that line.
 Today on Philly.com might have been one of the biggest "non-stories" in the history of journalism, the "fact" that Matt Rhule is listed in the low-90s among head coaches in the FBS football.
 Klugh, linking a Sporting News.com story, makes the Grand Canyon-sized leap in logic by saying Temple coaching is in a downward spiral, writing that Al Golden is No. 32 and Steve Addazio is No. 85.
 Nowhere does he point out that Golden might have been 120 when he was hired by Temple.
How did Golden rise up the ranks?
Largely by his work AT Temple.
I'm kind of shocked that Lewis Katz, the Temple-made CEO at Philly.com, hasn't fired this guy by now.
 Matt Rhule is a huge upgrade on Steve Addazio. Ask any of Rhule's players and they will tell you that.
I fully expect Rhule to flip Addazio's 4-7 record into something similar on the other side, say 7-5 or better.
When it is, I'd like to see Justin Klugh post a story on Philly.com about the upward trend in coaching hires at Temple.
 I won't hold my breath.
Don't feel sorry for Klugh, though. He can always go back to making coffee at the Barista Cafe in Lancaster, his last job.