Saturday, April 20, 2013

Observations from the Cherry and White game

Matt Rhule's observations after the Cherry and White game.

Long day in the sun at the Cherry and White game.
I left the sunblock home and got sunburned.
When I left for the E-O, it was chilly and cloudy.
Who would have figured?
Live and learn.
These passing stats would not have been possible in Daz's offense.

I was talking to a couple of good friends in the second row of the end zone stands and mentioned that we have no placekickers.
Then I said we are going to go from zero placekickers to two real quick.
This is what Nick Visco looked like to me before yesterday.

"Jim Cooper Jr. is coming in July but, watch out, this Nick Visco kid is really good," I said.
Just then, a kid sitting in front of me turns around and says, "I'm Nick Visco" and shakes my hand and says thanks.
His mom and dad were sitting to his right and left.
"Geez, I'm now glad I didn't say Nick Visco sucks," I said.
Now I didn't know what Nick Visco looks like, but I saw Nick Visco kick for Archbishop Wood in his full uniform and he's got a big-time leg.
Now I know what Nick Visco looks like.
Also saw the two Jim Coopers (father and son), but I knew what they looked like beforehand.

Other observations:
  •  Matt Rhule went around Lot 10 and glad handed everyone. He's very genuine and not at all a phony. If he's as good a coach as he is a person, Temple has a shot against Notre Dame.
  •  Paul Layton is a great punter, the Montel Harris of punting. That said, I hope we don't have to use him.
  • Connor Reilly is the real deal. He reminds me of the Cincinnati quarterback who was so accurate against Temple last year. 
  •  Zaire Williams better get on the field. Don't think any of the current running backs are on the talent level of Harris/Brown/Pierce. Williams might be.
  •  I had the White as a 3 1/2-point favorite and they covered easily, 34-28. Not impressed with Phil Snow's defense. He held the White to 34 points, four below his average last year with Eastern Michigan. It STILL scares me to have him as DC. I hope he proves me wrong. Make that, I PRAY he proves me wrong. Signs that could happen: An improved pass rush.
  • Seemed odd watching the best blocking fullback in Temple history, Wyatt Benson, starting at middle linebacker. Maybe he can be Temple's first two-way player since the 1950s. If Owls run a sweep on goal-line offense, I hope he's in there leading the way.
  • The Chris Coyer fullback experiment is going to work. He's in a spot where it is conceivable  he gets 5-10 carries a game and throws 5-10 passes a game and catches 5-10 passes a game, but three of each would suffice. I smell a Jalen Fitzpatrick reverse, a throw across the field to Coyer and a Coyer pass for six to Ryan Alderman or Khalif Herbin. I hope for at least one to two trick plays a game. Heck, Toledo made Chuck Heater look silly in 2011 by hitting on three trick plays against an over pursuing defense. 
  • Averee Robinson had four sacks and helped control the Cherry running game from his defensive tackle position. He's only a freshman. He's probably better suited as a nose guard in a 5-2.
  • Speaking of Herbin, I really feel he'd help Temple more at running back than as a slot receiver. He's got to get the ball more than the five times a slot receiver gets it during the game. At the very least, I'd use him as a Matty Brown-type third-down back in addition to his first- and second-down slot responsibilities. If he works as a third-down back, use him as an RB on other downs as well. Herbin is just as fast as Sweet Feet Lucear, Keith Gloster and Travis Sheldon and that's some pretty fast company plus he's got stop and start instincts at the line of scrimmage those guys never had. Think a slightly taller, slightly faster and slightly heavier Matt Brown describes Herbin's game perfectly.