Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Villanova needs to be taught a lesson in respect

Social media being what it is, kids sometimes write things in 140 characters or less without a whole lot of thought process involved.
Count Villanova running back Kevin Monangai among the thoughtless.
For some reason we can't fathom back in March, Monangai welcomed Temple to the Big East in football with this tweet: "Temple is going to the Big East this season, just another good reason for us to snap on them  Aug. 31 on national television."

Hopefully, Laura and 39K of her fellow fulltime students will take the subway to the game on Friday night. My favorite part of this story is "being mean to the Villanova people on the subway" on the way home.

Does "us" mean Villanova?
Does "us" mean a 2-9 FCS team?
Is the "snapping on" going to be done to a 9-4 BCS team?
Monangai, who will be wearing No. 2, is one of the many reasons I hate Villanova but he also is the No. 1 reason why I am 100 percent convinced Temple will be doing all the snapping come Friday night.
I was worried about our kids getting up for this game, even though the Temple student body, alumni, employees, policemen and cafeteria workers hate Villanova more than any other school.
I didn't think our players understood the backstory of the underhandedness Villanova went through to keep Temple out of the Big East.
How Villanova really feels about Temple (immediate graph above).

They do understand trash talking, though, and I think that Monangai tweet got their attention.
Monangai is part and parcel of this smug attitude people on the Main Line have about Temple.
This is a school that spent two hours on a Big East Conference call "doing nothing but bashing" Temple, according to New York Post reporter Lenn Robbins.
You'll never find a Temple player tweeting "we're going to snap on them" about  any opponent. Temple does its talking on the field.
They obviously did not learn a lesson in respect last year after a 42-7 loss.
More than ever, they need to be taught one now.
I've met some people I like at Villanova, but you can count them all on the fingers of one hand.
I like head football coach Andy Talley, a great man and a great coach nearing the end of a brilliant career. His involvement with Bone Marrow charities is laudable. He has always been complimentary about Temple football.
I like Villanova football play-by-play guy Joe Eichhorn. His broadcasts are crisp and his calls are impeccable. I was a frequent guest on Joe's Suburban Cable TV sports shows when I worked at the Doylestown Intelligencer. When Hatboro-Horsham won the state baseball championship, I did the color to Joe's play-by-play on WBUX-AM. He is a way better play-by-play guy than Harry Donahue. I wish he did Temple games.
Still, even Joe irks me at times.
Whenever Temple loses in football, he's the first guy I get a message from. When Temple beats, say, Maryland, 38-7, he disappears.
Must be the Villanova influence.
I've met the Coyer sisters and they are not only talented basketball players who will start at Villanova soon, but incredibly nice people with great parents and a cool brother.
I like them.
The Coyers, Andy Talley, Joe Eichhorn.
That's four Villanova people I like.
Everyone else I hate and those are the people who need to be taught a lesson one final time on Friday night.
Temple head coach Steve Addazio was more diplomatic than I am at the season-ticketholders' party: "We don't like Villanova."
Maybe when the Owls help No. 2 from underneath the pile, they will snap like the guys from West Side Story.
For all I know, West Side Story could be the Thursday night pre-game film at the E-O.

Tomorrow: Electric Orange, the Montel Harris Story