Sunday, August 12, 2012

Addazio: 'We know exactly what we're doing'

Love the Daz quote at the 5:50 mark.

Keith Pompey does a great job covering Temple football for, but he wrote something that had me shaking my head (or smh as the kids write on social media).
To paraphrase him, he passed on head coach Steve Addazio's concerns about the wide receiving corps "not making plays" but also added that Addazio praised both Ryan Alderman and Jalen Fitzpatrick, writing "that's not a good sign because Fitzpatrick is a converted quarterback and Alderman is a walk-on. ..."
Converted quarterback?
Brian Broomell was converted from starting safety to starting quarterback and he only led the nation in passing efficiency for a 10-2 team in 1979.
Some of the best players I've ever seen at Temple were walk-ons.
Err, does the name Matty Brown ring a bell?
I thought so.
I don't remember Keith writing about the same thing visa ve Brown last year. Matty was by far the runaway winner of a poll on this website that asked who was  the No. 1 running back in Temple football history who epitomizes the term "Temple TUFF."
The Rock has proved his worth in a stellar career at Temple. His touchdowns count for the same six points as Bernard Pierce's.
The last time I checked, Alderman and Fitzpatrick were wide receivers and no one has questioned their ability to get separation and catch the ball.
So what, other than depth, is the problem here?
Chris Coyer's touchdown passes to Ryan Alderman and Jalen Fitzpatrick will count for the same six points other Temple quarterback TD passes to Willie Marshall, Gerald "Sweet Feet" Lucear and Rod Streater have in the past.
I wonder if the lack of separation and "catching the ball" has anything to do with the fine play of the cornerbacks?
The best quote I heard out of  the first week of two-a-days came from Addazio about the difference between last year and this year:
"We know exactly what we're doing and how to do it," Addazio said, referring to the offensive approach.
The quote appears on the 5:50 time stamp on the above video.
Last year, Daz "spent an awful lot of time last year with that" (his words) tailoring his offense around the skill set of Chester Stewart and Mike Gerardi, skill sets which were limited.
Now he has three quarterbacks who can do the same things in Coyer, Juice Granger and Kevin Newsome. All can run the spread and know how to do it and, as a result, the Owls are much farther along than they were last year.
That has me shaking my head up and down, not side to side.