Monday, August 20, 2012

Chris Coyer speaks at BE Media Day

Just came across this gem of a video above of Chris Coyer speaking to a pair of Big East media types on BE Media Day.
Coyer's done a lot of growing up in less than a year, both on the field and off the field.
Gotta love the comment "thanks for having me" to those two guys.
You have about a 10-second ad to fight through, but the interview that comes afterward is worth the time, not so much for the routine questions but for the thoughtful answers.
Plus, Coyer speaks about coach Chuck Heater, the defense, and the comfort level such an outstanding defense gives the Owls but adding that it doesn't affect how the offense approaches things.
As far as the latest scrimmage goes, head coach Steve Addazio said he is excited to have Coyer separate himself from the other two guys.
No surprise in that, but Daz also has hopes the other two will do some catching up.
I don't care how Juice Granger and Kevin Newsome speak to the media, as long as they move the team and turn the Lincoln Financial Field scoreboard into an adding machine just like I think guys like Coyer, Montel Harris, Matty Brown, Jalen Fitzpatrick and Alex Jackson will.
Aug. 31 can't come soon enough.