Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time for watching JJ today

If you were hit by JJ, you'd go play baseball, too.
Heck, my favorite college football player is Bernard Pierce.
Didn't get to see him on Wednesday night (except for yelling encouragement from the sidelines).
My favorite pro player is DeSean Jackson.
Won't get to see him today (suspended for missing a team meeting).
But my two favorite teams are the Temple football Owls and the Philadelphia football Eagles (in that order) and I will get to mix both of those starting today (1 p.m., Fox).
That's because former Temple Owl Jaiquawn Jarrett gets his first pro start.
Go JJ.
Go Birds.
(Both Eagles and Owls.)
Then I'll go work off the Applebee's Oriental Chicken salad I'm planning to eat while watching the game.