Friday, November 11, 2011

Bradley, Addazio and the MAC Roundtable

In the interview process, dynamo (left) always beats wet noodle.

One of the unexpected perks of blogging about Temple football is the people who reach out to me and try to fill in some questions that I have to help me keep the general TU football community relatively well-informed.
Some of them are well-connected people.
Around Dec. 23d, I was scratching my head when the name Steve Addazio came up as the guy who got the Temple head coaching job. All I heard for a week was Tom Bradley was the leading candidate and then with about five furlongs left, Addazio comes charging at the finish line and nips Bradley at the tape.
Graphic by Tim Riordan (not the ex-TU QB)
Or so I thought.
I, quite frankly, wasn't excited about either one and I never even heard of Addazio.
Then I got an email from someone who was in the room when both Addazio and Bradley were interviewed.
"Mike, it wasn't even close," the man wrote. "Bradley came in and had the personality of a wet noodle and this guy [Addazio] was a dynamo. It was an easy choice."
I watched the "wet noodle" Thursday in his first press conference as a head coach at Penn State and I understood just exactly how the Temple search committee felt.
All I could imagine was Lew Katz or somebody asking him what his "expectations" are for the Temple football program and Bradley saying "the expectations are the expectations" which he seemed to be saying like 100 times on Thursday.
No thanks, Tom.
Thanks for coming to Philadelphia and don't let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.
I need more specificity than that.
I got it with Addazio and I'm pretty confident Temple made the right choice.
Since the penultimate day before Christmas, Addazio has been that dynamo.
Knowing what I know now, I'm glad to have a guy with that kind of personality leading my team. Also knowing what Bradley probably has known for 15 years, I don't want anybody like that near my team.
This week, I'm hosting the MAC Blogger Roundtable and just like Addazio, both Tim Riordan (Buffalo) and B.J. Fischer (Bowling Green) are blogging dynamos and wasted little time in answering the questions.
Riordan is always the first across the finish line and his answers are here.
Fischer came in a couple of hours behind. One of the more interesting things in B.J.'s blog is that a Bowling Green alumn gave $10 million to athletics. I thought only Karl Smith had that kind of money to give Bowling Green.
I'll add the rest after this paragraph when the ballots are counted:
Let's Go Rockets