Monday, November 7, 2011

Sandusky's Temple connection

You may question Daz's loyalty to Chester Stewart as costing the team a MAC title, but you can never question his character as a human being and that's a lot more important.

 Just  when I'm feeling depressed after losing a pair of winnable college football games, a shot of perspective comes down to jolt me back to reality.

At least I'm not living in (Un) Happy Valley today.
Man, you think losing football games is tough, how about having that cloud hang over your program and town?
We won't get into the sordid details (there's enough of that information out there), but suffice it to say: There But For the Grace of God Go We.
Or, in this case, Joe Paterno.
Up until Saturday, Paterno had been considered God by some in then Happy Valley.
Even though he's been exonerated by the law, I think his legacy has been knocked down a few pegs over the last 48 hours.
I have to thank Joe Paterno today, though, on behalf of the entire Temple community.
Paterno talked Sandusky out of taking the Temple job. Sandusky had an offer on the table from Charlie Theokas, who was then Temple's AD.
Instead of getting Jerry Sandusky back on Dec. 20, 1988, Temple got Jerry Berndt.
I'd never thought I'd say this, either, but Thank God for Jerry Berndt. (Hey, Berndt did take talent Bruce Arians recruited and gave us our last win over a Big 10 team, 23-18, at Wisconsin, in 1990.)
Penn State can have that Sandusky headache and heartache.
Temple can look forward to a three- (or four-) game winning streak, starting in a couple of days.
Suddenly, I'm not so depressed anymore and, ironically enough, it is thanks to Joe Paterno's bad-mouthing Temple.