Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daz sightings: Florida, Texas and North Philly

Steve Addazio would love to see Quenton Bundrage in a Temple uniform.

You could make one of those "Where's Waldo" maps, substitute Steve Addazio for Waldo and put push pins all over the place.
Today's confirmed sighting, via twitter, for coach Daz is Dallas, where the coaches convention is.
Makes sense in that is where most of the nation's coaches are and Daz needs some coaches, specifically coordinators.
Earlier this week, Daz was in Florida to watch new Temple commit Cedric Walker earn the MVP in the Dade/Broward County All-Star Football game.
That's important because old Temple coach Al Golden was also at the game.
Golden initially recruited Walker for Temple and Daz was in Florida to seal the deal.
After the game, Daz used his Florida connections to pursue Manatee (Fla.) WR Quenton Bundrage (not Brundage), who has an Iowa State visit coming up. If Daz lands Bundrage, that will be the first time a sole Daz target has made its way to Temple.
Also, Daz was in North Philadelphia earlier this week to make a couple of hires, including OL coach Justin Frye. Now if you do a google search on Justin Frye you will find a guy who made a sex tape with Kendra Baskett (before she was Kendra Baskett). That's NOT our Justin Frye, who has an, err, fuller face and wider frame.
Temple's coordinator search took a big hit when Chuck Heater decided to wait on Michigan and UCLA and the Miami Dolphins failed in their pursuit of Jim Harbaugh. If the Dolphins landed Harbaugh, that meant longtime Daz friend and current Dolphin TE coach George DeLeone would be free to take the OC job at Temple.
Now he's pretty secure on South Beach for another 12 months.
Hmm. South Beach or North Philly?
That's a tough one.
I'll have to get back to you on that.
If K.C. Keeler goes to UConn, as rumored, then Nick Rapone is out for a similar DC job at Temple. Believe me, Nick Rapone would have been a great DC at Temple as he was under Bruce Arians. His daughter currently is a student at Temple.
It's all a cluster bleep as far as coordinators right now.
Maybe Daz is setting up one of those tables with a "Help Wanted" sign in Dallas.
Don't laugh.
That's how Vince Hoch was hired by Wayne Hardin.
Hoch walked up to Hardin at a convention, introduced himself, took out a napkin and started drawing defensive schemes and formations and Hardin hired him on the spot. The two developed instant chemistry.
Hoch later became the greatest defensive coordinator in Temple history.
Back to recruiting, though.
Other recruiting targets for Daz, reportedly, include a first-team all-state linebacker from Roman Catholic (about a mile from Temple's main campus) and a running back from Texas named Dickerson, who is a JUCO and would provide immediate front-line insurance should Bernard Pierce go down next year.
I like running backs from Texas named Dickerson.