Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Addaziogate: Saying nothing says a lot

Now that Temple University, though a football spokeswoman, says it is not going to comment on a published report in the Hartford Courant that Steve Addazio's "representative" contacted UConn regarding its football opening, that leaves a lot of room for speculation.
Too much room.
My feeling, as stated earlier, was that Addazio had to come out and say the published report was a lie or he was tacitly saying it was the truth.
There's no wiggle room.
Making a public statement that the Hartford Courant was full of hogwash would have ended the matter once and for all.
Now it lingers and will linger and saying nothing is the worst thing Addazio, Bill Bradshaw and Temple University could have ever done.
Before Temple came out and said it was saying nothing, something had to be said privately between AD Bill Bradshaw and Addazio.
Since they aren't saying what, we can only guess as to what went down:

BB: Now, Steve, I called you into this meeting today for a reason.
SA: Anything for you Bill. I told you the day I signed here was that we are joined at the hip.
BB: Yeah, about that.. ..
SA: I couldn't be with a better man, Bill.
BB: Just wanted to ask you about that report in the Hartford Courant that your representative contacted UConn ....
SA: Yeah, I was meaning to tell you about that. Kind of slipped my mind.
BB: There's no truth to it, right?
SA: Bill, you are a good man so I'm going to come clean with you. Yeah, I did. I didn't know UConn was going to open up and, yeah, I thought I could maybe slip in the backdoor. It's my home state and all. Plus, the walk to 11th and Diamond every day looks pretty dangerous.
BB: But what about all that "Destination Temple" stuff you said two weeks ago?
SA: Yeah, pretty good speech, huh? Think I could use it when I get the job up there. I could just change "Destination Temple" to "Destination UConn."
BB: I heard Mark Whipple was going to get the job, though.
SA: Really? Damn, I must have been too late. I guess I'm stuck, I mean, committed, here.
BB: We should really say something, make a statement that you are committed to Temple and that you never applied for the UConn job.
SA: Now, Bill, why would I do that? You heard me talk about integrity a couple of weeks ago, didn't you? You wouldn't ask me to lie, would you?
BB: Yeah, I forgot about the integrity part.
SA: Bill, I got an idea. What if we just said nothing?
BB: You mean, bury our heads in the sand?
SA: Yeah, right, say nothing, bury our heads in the sand and hope this all blows over.
BB: I guess you are right, Steve.
SA: See, Bill, I told you we think alike. We're joined at the hip, buddy.
BB: I'll tell the press we're saying nothing then.
SA: That'a boy, Bill. Anything else?
BB: I guess not.