Monday, January 17, 2011

Coach Daz: Meet Ryan Brumfield

Ryan Brumfield would be a great get for coach Daz.
When I went to Temple too many years ago to count, coach Wayne Hardin feasted on foes by getting under-recruited running backs, mostly from the Philadelphia area, who had a chip on their shoulders.
They were really too many to mention here, but I'll try:
"You hate to say the word 'unstoppable,' but that's what Ryan is. He likes the challenges. The more he gets challenged, the better he plays. But what you like most about Ryan is that he's a great kid. Here's a kid that has every right to have an ego, and he doesn't. He gets along with everyone. It's why his teammates don't only want to play with him — they want to play for him."
_ Tom Barr, head coach, Owen J. Roberts

Kevin Duckett (Northeast), Sherman Myers (Coatesville), Anthony Anderson, Jim Brown (Hardin: "I like that name"), Harold Harmon, Henry Hynoski (Mount Carmel), Zach Dixon, Mark Bright (William Tennent), etc., etc., etc.
It's funny. The schools who didn't want those guys could not stop those guys.
Myers scored five touchdowns in a 49-17 win over a Syracuse bowl-bound team (that included future NFLers Joe Morris and Art Monk).
Bright won the MVP in the Garden State bowl against a very good Cal team.
Anderson had a good career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Dixon was a 1,000-yard rusher at Temple (and Raheem Brock's biological father).

All showed flashes of greatness at Temple.
Chip, meet shoulder.
Hardin had great running backs and great quarterbacks.
That's not the whole key to winning, but it's a good place to start.
Temple's got a great running back now in Bernard Pierce.
When he's on the field, he's the best Temple running back I've ever seen and that includes Paul Palmer, the 1986 Heisman Trophy runnerup (sorry, Boo-Boo).
When he's on the field, Temple can beat anybody. (I'm thinking Navy last year and Uconn this year.)
When he's NOT on the field, there aren't many teams Temple can beat (I'm thinking UCLA last year, Penn State, Ohio and Miami this year). I have no doubt, none, that Temple would have registered a damn historic win in State College on Sept. 25 had Pierce not snapped his ankle. Chester Stewart wouldn't have thrown those three God-awful picks if Pierce was in the game.
So Pierce hasn't been on the field enough for my taste and most of it has been bad luck, not Pierce's fault.
If I had my druthers, he's be on the field for every offensive snap in 2011. But I don't want to go through another year when I see him limp off the field too many times.
That's why Temple needs another Bernard Pierce.
I found him.
His name is Ryan Brumfield.
I've covered high school football in Southeastern Pennsylvania for 30 years and saw maybe five dominating running backs on the same level as Brumfield. Kevin Jones (Cardinal O'Hara, Virginia Tech, Detroit Lions) was one. Bill Foley (Father Judge, Southern Mississippi), Barry Compton (Central Bucks West, Pitt) and Pierce (Glen Mills, Temple) all put up staggering numbers.
Our current backup, while good, is 5-5, 150. He wore down last year. Even Stevie Wonder could see that
They were all special in their own way.
Trust me. Brumfield belongs with them and he might be the very best (and I'm partial to old-school guys).
Brumfield is the second all-time leading running back in the history of Pennsylvania. Defenses geared to stop him and they could not.
Yet he's seriously under-recruited, much like Hardin's stars were.
His only scholarship offer, so far, is Buffalo.
He is slightly smaller than Pierce (5-10 vs. 6-foot) and lighter (180 vs. 218) but he's got the same speed (4.4-40), vision and power. He has the talent to make us forget about Pierce (ouch, it hurt typing that because I'm the biggest Pierce fan there is) but AT THE VERY MINIMUM he provides an insurance policy for Pierce we don't currently have. Most of all, he is a character kid, a wonderful person and teammate.
Our current backup, while good, is 5-5, 150. He wore down last year. Even Stevie Wonder could see that.
This kid, Brumfield, does not wear down.
Unless we sign Bradenton Southeast's Jared Williams, I don't know if there is a guy out there who is that insurance policy.
Brumfield would be provide at least that.
Coach Daz, he's worth a look and a long, hard one at that.