Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I prefer this version of the EagleBank Bowl

This is the way I thought it would play out ...
I'm never going to use this blog to criticize the kids, but let's just say I'm hopeful certain players who had prominent roles last night get diminished ones next year.
I've always said that last year should have been a better year, but this year's gravvy and next year's the year.
If the devil came to me with a contract before the Villanova game and said 9-4, I would have signed off on that.
(Now if he had said 7-5 with a bowl and a win over Villanova, I would have traded for that, but that's another story.)
We'll talk about the X's and O's some other time.
I'm excited to see a healthy Bernard Pierce for a full year.
I'm excited to see that we'll have a Nate Smith or a an Ahkeem Smith or a Nahjee Gibson (no relation) as an option should he go down again.
I'm excited to finally get some balance in our offense.
I'm excited to see what a defensive front four that includes Mo Wilkerson at an end (yes, I'd move him to end) and Levi Brown and Kadeem Custis at tackles can bring.
Heck, I'd go with a 3-4, move Adrian Robinson to RUSH linebacker, put Brown on the nose and Custis and Big Mo at the ends and move Amara Kamara back to his natural linebacker position.
No X's and O's talk today.
Just looking ahead to our next BOWL game.