Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blow your whistles for Navy today

Temple footbal isn't playing today, nor will it for the better part of three weeks.
It just feels like it to me.
I'll be rooting for Navy today (2:30 p.m., CBS) against Army.
I don't know of a single Temple fan who isn't.
It's not like Temple feels the matchup with UCLA, who the Owls get to face, will be easier.
In fact, I think everybody thinks it will be the harder game of the two.
What's that they say, the higher the mountain, the more satisfying the climb?
(If they don't say that, I just made it up.)
Think about it.
Temple, a non-BCS school, against the big, bad, BCS school from the West Coast.
Does Rutgers (with UCF) have a better bowl matchup?
Does any Northeastern school, with the exception of Boston College (USC) have a more attractive bowl matchup?
I'm from the school of thought that feels we won't have to root much.
I'm still hoping that the infamous Navy fan whistle-blower is there (pictured, who ruined Temple's would-be win two years ago) is there and blows his whistle every time a Navy ballcarrier is stopped near the goal line, only to see the Navy guy continue on his feet into the end zone.
That'll help.
But I don't think Navy will need even his help today.
I've seen both Army and Navy and I can't see Army stopping Navy at all.
That's why even though Temple isn't playing today, it'll be another big win for the Owls anyway come sundown.
Once the sun comes up tomorrow, please plan to purchase your bowl tickets from Temple within the next day or two.