Sunday, July 7, 2013

We've moved: We're at

After six years of Temple Football Forever on blogger, I thought it was best to move to a WordPress format.
The reason I’ve done that is in my other job I work almost exclusively in wordpress and it’s easy for me to hit the same buttons for images, text, etc., going back and forth to this hobby I love, Temple Football Forever.
We’ll get back to regular posts soon.
The only thing I liked about the former website was the design with the black background and all of the sidebar items I was able to use.
We’re working on the design and hopefully some of the sidebar items will return.
Meanwhile, the Owls are practicing for Notre Dame and we’re here practicing to get this website up in tip-top condition within the next few days and hopefully not weeks.
Bear with us.
We'll iron out these technical details soon.

Thanks for all your support since 2005.