Friday, July 5, 2013

Another American Revolution

Just a couple of days before the nation celebrated the anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence, another American Revolution was taking place.
Instead of throwing some tea overboard in Boston Harbor, American Athletic Conference (AAC) football fans bombed Stanford.
No worries.
No real explosives were used, just an internet bombing of the Stanford blog.
For some reason, ESPN pulled the plug on its AAC blog, written by Andrea Adelson, who was transferred over to the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) to do that blog.
Apparently, ESPN plans no blog-specific coverage of this new conference, a move that outraged the fans.
Orlando Sentinel reports on AAC fan revolt.
This is the same ESPN that has TEAM-specific blogs for both Notre Dame and Stanford.
I could see Notre Dame, but not Stanford.
Neither could the fans of the AAC, who have taken over every discussion at the Stanford board.
I think it's a brilliant move.
While it will drive more traffic over to Stanford, the discussion will be dominated by AAC fans.
A topic on the quarterback controversy at that school, say, will turn into a discussion about the AAC from the comments below the story.
If ESPN was smart, they would rid themselves of this problem by assigning a guy (we suggest Matt Fortuna)  to start an AAC blog.
Then the Stanford fans can get back to commenting about Stanford and the AAC fans will have a place to go.