Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Matt Rhule Bobblehead Day

Temple fans grab their spots prior to the 1919 C&W game. (Nah, that's across
the street for a 1919 A's game at Shibe Park, 22d and Lehigh.)

Sean Boyle a few days
before he signed at
Temple, Feb. 5, 2008
Spring cleaning comes around this time of the year for me.
This year, I found an old Al Golden Bobblehead (see right), an old social security card and re-arranged some of the furniture.
Everything for a purpose.
When I looked at Al's bobbing head, I remembered how he routinely changed a player's position for the betterment of the team.
Everything Al did regarding personnel moves was for a reason. I don't remember a single Al Golden personnel switch that didn't work out. Al was shaking his head yes while I was thinking that.
Matt Rhule interview today
Please click here to read an interview with Matt Rhule that appeared in today's Harrisburg Patriot-News.
I'm the same way. I re-arranged my furniture for function, not style. I moved the chairs and the sofa this year so I can get to the door quicker when the Publisher's Clearing House people arrive in a couple of weeks. (Smile.)
So it goes with position changes for the Temple football Owls. Change for a reason is good change.
Head coach Matt Rhule made one I totally endorse.
Sean Boyle, a long-time starter at center, will move to the right tackle spot vacated by the dependable and graduating Martin Wallace.  That makes a lot of sense. Boyle is the team's best offensive lineman and will be protecting Chris Coyer's blind side, plus Kyle Friend proved he's more than a capable center as a true freshman last season. It's mind-boggling to think that Sean Boyle signed on Feb. 5, 2008 (not 2009) in the same recruiting class with guys like Adrian Robinson and Mo Wilkerson. His maturity will help this team.
Some other functional changes that could make sense:
Kevin Newsome: Temple Owl Forever
KEVIN NEWSOME (QB to DB) _ It would be a shame if Newsome's path to get on the field was blocked by Coyer and Juice Granger again, but I see that happening. Newsome is arguably the best athlete on the team and wants to play quarterback.  Unlike Coyer and Granger, Newsome can play another position. I suggest safety. I love the way Newsome said last year: "I'm a Temple Owl until the day I die." He's 6-3, 215, runs like a deer and has a 37-inch vertical leap. On third down against Maryland last year, starting strong safety Justin Gildea went up for "jump ball" type plays with taller Maryland receivers on four different occasions. Not surprisingly, the Maryland guys came down with key receptions each time. Gildea was in great position to make the plays but had no vertical. Put Newsome in the same position and those balls either get knocked down or picked.

ALEX JACKSON (TE to DE) _ Jackson has some experience as a DE and maybe it's time to put him back there. For some reason, Alex could not catch a cold at TE last year and Rhule's new offensive philosophy minimizes the tight end position. Cody Booth is a solid blocker and a dependable receiver. I don't see Jackson beating him out, but I do see a guy with his height and speed being a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. I like it when opposing quarterbacks have nightmares against the Owls. It would be great for Jackson and Sean Daniels to be meeting regularly at the opposing quarterback.

Khalif Herbin could be the
 Matty Brown of the next 3 years.
KHALIF HERBIN (WR to RB) _ Temple already has one great Khalif in a major sport (basketball) and put  this Khalif as a RB and he might be the next. This is the exact same situation Matty Brown faced four years ago. When he was moved to running back from slot receiver, his career took off. Brown was 5-5, 150 at the time and ran a 4.40. Herbin currently is 5-7, 170 and runs a 4.34 40. He's got the metrics to do it.
Sometimes, you've got to re-arrange the furniture for function.
Steve Addazio was too stubborn to do it.
One of the intriguing things about this spring practice that starts on Friday will be finding out if Matt Rhule is as open to change as Al Golden was.
If he is, expect Matt Rhule Bobblehead Day to come sooner than later.