Monday, February 18, 2013

One fan's take on how the season will go

The Big East's original color-coded schedule.

Any day now the Big East will release the schedule for the upcoming football season.
A guess on how Temple will do at this point is just that.
Too soon for me. Last year, I didn't post my prediction until August and I'll probably wait until that same time this year.
Too many things can happen between now and then.
That doesn't mean I discourage other fans from playing a preliminary numbers' game.
One of those fans, Steve Sipe, actually gave a pretty optimistic rundown below:
Steve Sipe's early game-by-game analysis. I'll sign for that now. Unfortunately, Charlie Strong is still at Louisville.
He only has the Owls down for two losses, one by a touchdown to national runner-up Notre Dame, the other at Tommy Tuberville's Cincinnati.
When it comes to Temple football, I always hope for 12-0 and settle for winning seasons.
While many might view Steve as being a little overly optimistic, I'll sign for it now.
Maybe that view is tempered by the fact that I had Steve Addazio going a base 6-6 (with a bowl win) or as optimistic as 8-3 in 2012. No way did I ever dream that he would come up with a hare-brained one-dimensional offensive scheme that would add up to 4-7.
Right now, though, I feel better about  Matt Rhule's offensive acumen but I'm waiting on how the defense shapes up.
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I feel confident about the kicking game (Paul Layton, Jim Cooper Jr., Nick Visco) and I'm a big Chris Coyer  guy so I feel good about those areas. I would like to see Zaire Williams on the field  but that's not going to happen until August. I hope Jamie Gilmore has a big spring. He's the only legitimate tailback on the roster now.  Heck, even fullback Wyatt Benson, the best blocker I've seen at Temple since Shelley Poole, might even get a few carries.
If Phil Snow is as good a defensive coordinator as Matt Rhule advertises him to be, maybe 10-2 is a good prediction. I'd love to see Kevin Newsome or Nate L. Smith  roam the middle of the field as a free safety and Kenny Parker moved to strong safety and the Owls go to a 3-4 defense to take advantage of their nose tackle depth (Averee Robinson, Hershey Walton and Levi Brown) and terrific linebacker speed. Sean Daniels is going to have to become the push-rusher I know he can be at one DE and the Owls are going to have to find another speedy pass-rusher on the other side. If all those personnel moves pan out, the Owls could cause enough turnovers to become an efficient, maybe dangerous, Big East defensive team. Right now, without knowing, I have the Owls losing to ND, Central Florida (a better team than Steve might think), Rutgers, Cincy and Louisville for a 7-5 record.
Praying for 12-0, would sign for 10-2 right now and grudgingly accept 7-5 at this point.
Anything less would be disappointing.
Spring practice starts March 22.