Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Matty Brown's replacement? How about Herbin?

"Jerry Jones' Money, you a running back" comes up at the 2:12 time stamp. That's song lyric perfectly describes Khalif Herbin in my book.

Matt Brown's career took off after being switched to RB.
As the crow flies, where both Matty Brown and Khalif Herbin played their final years of high school ball is separated by only 50 miles of I95 and Garden State Parkway highway in New Jersey.
Brown played his final year at Peddie School in Highstown. Herbin played at Montclair.
To me, that's really the only thing that separates the two players.
The highest compliment I can pay Herbin now is that, used properly _ the way Brown was _ he can be just as good and maybe even better.
I really believe that.
Going into this 2013 season, I am not worried about too many areas of Temple's football team this upcoming season, but I was worried about finding the next Matty Brown.
Until the light bulb went on in my head yesterday.
The next Matty Brown is sitting right there in the Edberg-Olson Complex.
You know, that shifty, elusive guy everybody else underestimates until he's putting up six points on a regular basis?
Instead of wearing No. 2 or 22, he's wearing No. 27.
In 2009, Matty Brown started the seson as a slot receiver until a similar light bulb went off in Al Golden's head and Al gave Brown a chance to carry the ball. It turned out to be a stroke of genius
Khalif Herbin is my choice. Heck, he's got the talent to be better than Brown. He's faster (4.39 to Brown's 4.44). He's even bigger (5-7, 170 to Brown's 5-5, 150). There are a lot of intangibles about Brown that make him the toughest son-of-a-gun I've seen play for Temple in a long, long time (maybe ever) but I'd like to see what Herbin can bring to the table with the same opportunity.
Herbin was an unbelievable talent with the ball in his hands (check out the film above, just from his first five high school senior games).
He just didn't get the ball in his hands enough last year. As a 5-7 slot receiver, it's just not possible.
That was one of the many problems with Steve Addazio. He didn't maximize the talent of his players. To me, one of the best athletes on the team should not be a third-team quarterback nor should a guy as elusive as Herbin be a slot receiver. A guy who both runs and throws the ball as well as Chris Coyer does should not be spending the first two downs of every series handing of to a running back.
In 2009, Matty Brown started the season as a slot receiver until a similar light bulb went off in Al Golden's head and Al gave Brown a chance to carry the ball. It turned out to be a stroke of genius.
The position move led to a nice chapter in Temple football history.
Not that Brown is gone, Matt Rhule should consider doing the same for Herbin.
Temple found Brown while playing for Peddie School in Blairstown in 2009 and could find his replacement in a Montclair, N.J. product.
The Owls need a game-breaker like Brown and Herbin could be all that and more. It's definitely worth a shot.

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2011 Punt Returns*
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*Also returned 7 kickoffs for 243 yards and 2 TDs
**Also returned 9 kickoffs for 385 and 2 TDs