Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meet your new (likely) coordinators

Phil Snow (left) might be looking at Marcus Satterfield to produce gobs of points.

"While at TU, coach Rapone had a string of DBs drafted or going to the NFL. Kevin Ross, Anthony Young, Todd Bowles, Larry Brewton, Terry Wright, Eddie Parker. 'Nuff said."
_ Paul Palmer, Heisman Trophy runner-up
Temple University
What if I told you Matt Rhule's first two coordinators at Temple are responsible for units that allowed and produced numbers of 38 and 28 last year?
"Geez, Mike," you'd probably say, "I would have liked the defensive coordinator to give up less than 28 a game, but I'm really excited about the OC he's bringing in who's putting up 38 per."
"Try again," I'd say.
Yeah, it's the defensive coordinator coming off a season where his unit allowed 38 per and the offensive coordinator who is coming off a 28-point-per-game season.
What's that Emily Latilla was noted for saying?
"Never mind."
We've gone 2-for-2 with our most recent ahead-of-the-curve hunches (that Nick Rolovich would never show up at Temple and that Chuck Heater would head to Marshall) and, at the risk of sticking my neck out again, I think we're going to go 4-for-4 in a two-week time frame.
Unfortunately, in this case.
It looks like Marcus Satterfield goes from OC at Tennessee-Chattanooga to the same role at Temple, while Phil Snow goes from Eastern Michigan DC to Temple DC.
Wikipedia is occasionally amusing, as was this last sentence.

I wish I could say Matt was going to do better than 1-for-2 here, but the evidence suggests otherwise.
I'm good with the Satterfield hire. I don't mind hiring FCS coaches, as long as they are accomplished ones like Marcus Satterfield, who looks like he's got a solid past and a bright future.
If I were the lone Eastern Michigan fan left, though, I'd send Rhule a thank you card for taking Snow off my hands. Judging from the numbers his most recent team gave up, I think his defensive philosophy is to give up seven as quickly as possible and pray his offense can score eight.
Four-hundred-and-fifty-one (that's 451) points in 12 games is 38 points a game. OK, make it 37.58 but I'm rounding it out.
Looks like Snow's defensive philosophy is to give up 7 as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, another FCS coach who is confirmed to have expressed interest in the job, Nick Rapone, probably won't be hired and the reason we're told is that Rhule promised the job to Snow, an old buddy from his UCLA days.
I'm all for hiring old buddies, but not old buddies who give up 38 points per game.
Every young man who ever had the good fortune to have played under Rapone at Temple will tell you they love Rapone and Rapone was the greatest Temple defensive coach they ever knew when he was the defensive coordinator for Bruce Arians at Temple. Rapone has continued his stellar coaching at Delaware, being named FCS coordinator of the year as recently as 2010. That was a year his defense gave up 181, not 451 points, in 15, not 12, games.
You do the math.
My fervent hope is that the first time Snow's defense gives up 38 points, the 25K Temple fans walking out of the stadium that day won't be saying "we could have had Nick Rapone and instead we have this Eastern Michigan guy"
SINCE he's a Penn State-person, I'll give Matt the benefit of the doubt for being, err, Snowed by a bullbleeper. I like Matt. I really do. I freaking HATE this hire. This is not a rah-rah Temple site. I'll call it as I see it and I just don't see this. I didn't see Daz as right for Temple midway through the season and I called it then. I do think Matt can overcome this, but he'll have to become the DC himself about 2 games into the season. He needs to concentrate on being a CEO and not doing other people's jobs.
That's why Rapone would have been perfect. He's the type of guy you could hire and put the defense on auto pilot. He's that trustworthy.
It's a gold mine that Rapone became available for this job. Gold for Temple.
Telling him "I-can't-hire-you-because-I-promised-the-job-to-a-2-10-coordinator" rates right up there with "the dog ate my homework" on the excuse meter. That's like Johnny Football reneging on his original commitment to attend Texas A&M to be The Man at Temple, but the coach saying, "Geez, sorry Johnny, we gave our last scholarship to Spencer Reid."
Rapone is the very definition of Temple-made. Snow is the very definition of bullbleep-made and, as a Temple-made person myself, I have a very good bullbleep-made antenna.

Snow Fun Fact No 1:
Phil's last shutout as DC was in September, 1996. Chuck Heater had consecutive shutouts for Temple in 2011, while Nick Rapone has pitched six shutouts since 2006
So does every Temple-made person.
Rapone's only shortcoming in this case was that he didn't know Matt in the past. That's Matt's loss, not  Rapone's.
If not Nick, why not Tom Bradley who has at least stopped an offense during the last three seasons?
My fervent hope is that the first time Snow's defense gives up 38 points, the 25K Temple fans walking out of the stadium that day won't be saying "we could have had Nick Rapone and instead we have this Eastern Michigan guy."
Snow Fun Fact No. 2:
In the last 70 games Phil has been DC, he's held FBS teams to single digits just 3 times
Or that the second time Snow gets torched for 38, the 20K Temple fans say the same thing, followed by 15K Temple fans, and 10K Temple fans the third and fourth times.
Don't blame the kids, either, because Snow will be inheriting the same kids who allowed UConn only 14 points, none after adjustments the DC made at halftime.
Yeah, the same UConn team which beat Louisville and you know what Louisville did.

Former Temple Owls talk Nick Rapone: