Friday, June 15, 2012

College Football Zealots looks at TU

Had a nice talk on Tuesday night in New York City with Steve Addazio, my friend, Ross, and another gentleman whose name escapes me who I now owe $1.
That's a story for a later date, though.
I won't say what Steve told me because he asked me not to and, if anything I've proven over the last nearly half century of living, it's that I'm a man of my word.
I'm not even telling my dog what Steve said.
I can tell you what I told Steve, though.
I told him that there's this perception out there that because Temple lost five starters on defense it is not going to be good. I said that perception is wrong because I counted 11 guys coming back who started games for Temple in the last two years.
I also said there's a perception Temple is not going to be as good on offense because of losses at center and tight end, but  that's  wrong, too, because the 2009 starter, Sean Boyle, returns at center and the 2010 starter, Alex Jackson, returns at tight end.
Temple could be better at those offensive positions, as it could at a number of positions all over the feld.
That's what I said.
That's what I believe.
So I caution those who read "previews" of The Temple Owls and predict a last- or near-last-place finish in the Big East to not get upset.
They are looking at hard numbers and making predictions based on numbers, not the stories behind the numbers. Those closer to the program know better.
Lately, my friend, Kevin, interviewed me for his College Football Zealots preview.

When Temple does better than expected this year, at least he will know why beforehand.
I'm not sure if the rest of the college football world will.