Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brown turns down SEC and Big 10 offers for TU

Buddy Brown's junior year highlights at Williamstown, N.J.

"You don't have to go to Rutgers, you can go right here. We are not North Jersey people. We are basically a step over from Philly. We love the Eagles. We love Temple basketball. We like all that. So why not stay here and have a chance to make a change?"
_Sean Brown, Buddy Brown's father
Ben Franklin once said it first in this town, over 200 years ago:
"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
Now you can add a third certainty.
Delusional Rutgers' fans.
Prior to Temple getting verbals from  Jihaad Pretlow and  P.J. Walker, RU fans were drooling over getting their services.
When the two committed to Temple, the prevalent opinion was Rutgers must have backed off at the last minute and "they weren't that good, anyway."
Now that Williamstown four-star linebacker Buddy Brown has committed to Temple, RU fans are saying the same thing.
Truth is no offer was ever pulled. Brown was 247.com's top-rated linebacker in New Jersey and the 10th highest-rated player on the board at any position in that state. He was a four-star national recruit by them and a three-star national recruit by Rivals.com.
Your typical, run-of-the-mill, Rutgers' football fan
Brown picked Temple fair and square.
It doesn't matter what a group of nerd fans say, but what Brown says.
"I think more recruits should take a harder look at Temple," Brown said. "They will be impressed."
One RU fan came onto Owlscoop.com and wrote, "you really don't think someone would turn down an offer to come to Rutgers or Penn State over Temple, do you?"
Well, yeah, and there's no thinking involved, just facts.
Ask former Big East player of the Year Walter Washington (who turned down Nebraska), former Owl wide receiver Mike Palys (who turned down Penn State), former MAC defensive player of the year Adrian Robinson (who turned down Pitt) and current quarterback Chris Coyer (who turned down Ohio State), among many others who could have gone anywhere but chose Temple.
Rutgers' fan reaction is curious and humorous, more than annoying, really.
They can't accept the fact that Temple has a more charismatic head coach than they do, a guy who was head coach at Florida (even if it was for three months). They can't accept the fact that Temple has a defensive coordinator who as a defensive coach was instrumental in an 11-0 season at Utah and was the brains behind a national championship defense at Florida.
They can't accept the fact that, in comparison, they have a dull, bland, unproven offensive line coach taking over for Greg Schiano.
Yeah, right, and the 23th-ranked linebacker in the country got an offer pulled from Rutgers when he had offers on the table from Wisconsin (Big 10) and the SEC (Mississippi State).
I didn't know Rutgers, 7-13 in its last 20 conference games, was in the NFC East.
Baghdad Bob must have had a degree in communications from Rutgers.
He was the guy who stood on one bank of the Tigris River on April 8, 2003 in Baghdad saying "American Troops are committing suicide" and "they will be either killed or burned in their tanks"  before getting to the other side.
Two U.S. Army M1 tanks could be seen in the background. By April 9, the entire town of Baghdad was secured and Bob was arrested by the troops he said would commit suicide or burn.
RU will learn the hard way on Oct. 20, 2012, just like Bob did on April 9, 2003.