Friday, May 4, 2012

TFF joins No 2-minute warning network

Often, we get suggestions/requests to take Temple Football Forever out of the google blogersphere and either create a dedicated domain name or join a "big-time" sports network, most notably SB Nation.
The Domain was out, because all of my work is here and I don't have the technical ability to move it. Plus, I've gotten used to all the bells and whistles from the graphic end here.

SB Nation was tempting, but it required two things: 1) I cover all Temple sports; 2) If I ever leave the network, they get to keep the name and all of the intellectual "properties" (stories I've written on this website since 2005).
I don't have the same level of passion for other Temple sports nor the desire to lose my work, so SB Nation was out (I do like their design templates).
Spreading the word about Temple football IS a passion of mine so I have decided to partner up with No 2-Minute Warning, a group of outstanding college sports websites.
This opportunity just dropped in our laps the other day and I'm proud to associate TFF's name with a quality group of dedicated college sports websites like No 2-Minute Warning.
All they require is that little photo link you see under the TFF banner on the right and, hopefully, this will mean more eyeballs directed to TFF.
Word-of-mouth has been important to TFF for the last seven years and now No 2-minute warning gives us our first platform to spread the gospel in other forms.
Donations are the lifeblood of TFF (in seven years, we've only made $169 from the google ads, a little less than $30 a year) so we're counting on your support to keep the website alive for the next seven years and, God-willing, beyond that.
We are offering advertising opportunities this season. For $100 a month, you get a clickable  ad underneath the No 2-minute warning link on the sidebar  (approximately the same size) directing TFF readers to your website. That's ideal for say, Temple athletics, to push Temple tickets or for spots on campus like Pub Webb, Maxi's or the Draught Horse or, say, any Pizza place in Philadelphia to push customers through the door or advertise their specials.
And from now until the first kickoff of the Villanova game, a $25 or more contribution yields a TFF bumper sticker. For more information on that, click on the "Support Temple Football Forever" spot on the sidebar below the poll question.
So supporting Temple Football Forever can be mutually beneficial.