Saturday, May 26, 2012

Montel Harris graduates

Harris made the cover of TSN in 2010.
After emailing Boston College contacts, I did get one response. Montel Harris was listed in the commencement program under "Montel Harris Jordan."
It was confirmed that Montel Harris Jordan is the one and only Montel Harris, the No. 1 running back in Boston College history.
In fact, he was spotted wearing a cap and gown at the BC commencement ceremony (no photos as of yet). That clears the way for Steve Addazio to "recruit" Harris.
All Harris has to do is to pursue a Masters' degree in a program at Temple that Boston College does not offer.
Since Temple offers many more graduate programs than BC does, that should not be a problem.
It is all up to Harris now, whether he wants to pursue that degree at Temple or Rutgers or enter the NFL supplemental draft. Or even go Division II.
Whatever he decides, we wish him well.