Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Eve of (Villanova's) Destruction

Once again, we'll let the Lovely Laura be your guide on what to expect tomorrow.

Long before midnight tomorrow night, we'll find out if Steve Addazio can coach.
Despite what many of my Florida Gator friends tell me, I suspect he can. The sign of a great CEO is his knack for surrounding himself with top upper-level management.
Already, for whatever flaws Addazio might have had as an OC, he appears to have this CEO thing down.
What makes me confident is that the guy has surrounded himself with coordinators who might be the two best in college football, regardless of the level.
Chuck Heater was the defensive coordinator at Utah when it went 11-0.
Yeah, Freakin' Utah.
He was the co-defensive coordinator at Florida (with Teryl Austin) over  the past couple of years at Florida.
Don't let the "co" title confuse you.
"I call Chuck Heater Mother Theresa," Florida head coach Urban Meyer said last season. "He's worked miracles with our defense."
That kind of endorsement is good enough for me.
Loeffler was the quarterbacks' coach at Michigan for Tom Brady and at Florida for Tim Tebow.
That's all I needed to hear.
I think he can, and probably will, put this offense in a better position to succeed than Matt Rhule has done.
Addazio, by even his detractors' accounts, is a motivator second to none and an accomplished offensive line coach.
I like what this equation can do for Temple's football team this year.
Addazio's motivation + Loeffler's playcalling/QB developmental skills + Heater's fire-eaters = big-time success for the Owls.
Offensively, I look for Bernard Pierce, "datboy Nard", to run wild over this team. Remember, in the first year, as a true freshman, Pierce gained 66 yards on six carries against the Wildcats despite being cleared by the NCAA to play only a couple days before kickoff. Last year, in the joke move of all joke moves, Al Golden helped Villanova out by alternating Pierce with Matty Brown on every other series.

Adrian Robinson: Three sacks.
Defensively, I look for Adrian Robinson to get three sacks and for guys like Kadeem Custis and Morkeith Brown to be spending more time in Villanova's backfield than the Wildcat quarterbacks and running backs.
We won't have to wait until the second or third game to find out if Temple has the right people in charge.
We'll know by 11 p.m. tomorrow night.
My gut tells me a 55-3 Temple win. My head tells me more like 35-14. The score will probably end up somewhere in between.
Anything less than 35-14 and we're not in as good a shape as I thought.
Don't worry.
The Eve of (Villanova's) Destruction is at hand.