Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Golden Dome, Meet Bell Tower

Potentially, one of the more bizarre press conferences in college football history will take place today at 3 p.m. at the Fox Gittis Room, Liacouras Center.
In attendance will be John DiCarlo,; Bill Bradshaw, Temple AD; Steve Addazio, Temple football coach and Larry Dougherty, SID.
I don't think they'll need more seats than four, although there could be a few curious passersby standing in the background.
I'll try to sum it up here, so none of you will have to skip work to attend:
Dougherty:  (Tapping the speakers.) Testing. One. Two. OK, we're here to announce that Temple football is playing Notre Dame in beginning in the 2014 season. We'll be playing in Philadelphia that year, then there the following year and playing one more game an undetermined year, as early as 2013, in South Bend. At this point, I'd like to introduce Temple AD Bill Bradshaw. Bill?
Bradshaw: Thank you all for coming. I just want to say that this is an exciting time for Temple football and announcing this game is exciting for me, personally, as well as the city of Philadelphia. This brings the Temple brand across the country for three years and we're going to have a great crowd for our 2014 game. I'd like to announce a special deal for the 2014 game. To get a ticket to the Notre Dame-Temple game you must be a full season-ticket holder. By my estimation, we could average 70,000 tickets sold for the six home games of the 2014 season. I really feel sorry for the Notre Dame fans who won't be able to experience the beauty of Lincoln Financial Field that day, but our goal is to fill the stadium with Temple fans and I think that's the best way to do it.  I would like head coach Steve Addazio to say a few words.
Addazio: I echo what Bill said. In fact, I wake up the echos.
(Nervous laughter.)
Seriously, I coached at Notre Dame so I know all about the place. Notre Dame is the biggest name in college football and we want Temple to be the biggest name someday.
Bradshaw: Let's open it up for questions.
DiCarlo: How did this come to fruition?
Bradshaw: We asked them. We wanted a home-and-home. They laughed. Then I said, OK, we'll settle for a 2-for-1. Then they said they wanted the first two to be at Notre Dame. I said, "You didn't think I was born yesterday, did you? You'll just walk out on us after the second game like Navy did. Make us the middle game and you've got a deal." Then we shook on it.
Dougherty: Any more questions? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
(More nervous laughter.)
John, help me out here.
DiCarlo: No, I'm good.
Dougherty: I just want to invite all of those in the room to our meet and greet with Steve Addazio in ... what time is it, Bill? ...
Bradshaw: 3:07, Larry.
Dougherty: two hours and 23 minutes. Thanks for coming.