Thursday, October 14, 2010

MAC Blogger Roundtable Week 7

The greatest graphic ever by Tim Riordan (not the ex-Temple quarterback).

Every college football season, two things happen.
The days get way too shorter earlier and the season comes to an end way too soon.
So it goes with the MAC season this year.
Six games are completed and I don't know where the time went.
Here are the Week 7 MAC Blogger Roundtable questions and my answers.
1.) After 6 games, we're halfway through the season or damn close if you've had a bye. Are you pleasantly surprised with your team's performance so far? Angrily apathetic about what you've seen? Right where they were expected to be? Give your team a mid-term grade.

TFF: Not pleasantly surprised. Quarterback play has been the worst I've seen in the Golden Era, leading directly to both losses. People in practice this week say Golden is going to Plan B, a first-team all-state kid, Mike Gerardi, from New Jersey. I don't know if this is true, but if Al has any sense left in his head he will make that move. In fact, he probably should have pulled this ripcord earlier. Will he show rust or will he step in like the Rutgers' kid did and light it up? I think the answer lies somewhere in between.

2.) This weekend there's a bevy of MAC action. Taking your own game out of the equation, what game are you looking forward to? What game gives you the potential for the most information about what teams are for real and which teams are anything but?

TFF: I'm looking forward to Western Michigan vs. Notre Dame. I think Philly homeboy Bill Cubit will give the Irish a decent game and think the 22-point spread is way too high.

3.) As it's Columbus Day week, what MAC coach has clearly not lived up to the adventurer spirit and should be shipped somewhere far and distant... for Queen and honor of course.

TFF: English from Eastern Michigan. Not because of the losses but because of the lopsidedness of the losses.

4.) More on a national purview, with Alabama's loss the door is wide open for perhaps a non-automatic qualifying conference school from Boise, Idaho to shove their way into the national championship. Is this the year that the "little guy" finally earns the respect of the BCS conferences?

TFF: Yes. I think Boise State could beat anybody right now.

5.) Rank 'em, worst to first.

13. Akron
12. Eastern Michigan
11. Kent State
10. Ball State
9. Bowling Green
8. Buffalo.
7. Toledo.
6. Western Michigan.
5. Miami
4. CMU
3. Ohio
2. Temple
1. NIU