Sunday, October 31, 2010

Golden's Halloween costume only scary to foes

You know Al Golden has reached iconic status in Philadelphia when the winning costume during the third-quarter Halloween Contest was a Temple student dressed up as Al Golden.
I thought I saw Al cast a "you've-got-to-be-kidding-me" glance and a smile at the kid when he was announced the winner, so it looks like Al took it in good fun. I was rather impressed that Golden took time during the game to realize what was happening.
It all dates back to the day when Golden's mom told him wearing a sweatshirt on the sidelines made him look sloppy.
So Alfred has worn the same outfit for every game since the beginning of last year.
Tan pants. White shirt. Cherry tie.
The look has become as Temple as Bear Bryant's Hound's Tooth Hat is Alabama or Jim Tressel's Sweater Vest is Ohio State.
I must admiit I will give the kid who won (and I'm sorry that I can't find his name on the internet) major props for creativity.
Actually, two young men were weaing the Golden costume, both roommates.
I personally don't care what Al wears as long as he keeps piling up the wins.
With the 30-0 win over Akron on Saturday, Temple tied a school-record with 10 straight home wins. The defense recorded its second-straight shutout for the first time since 1971.
Pretty impressive, too (and thanks for blitzing, Mark D'Onofrio).
If the Owls get to consecutive home win No. 11, against Ohio in a Tuesday night game, it will likely mean the Owls will clinch the MAC East title, something they were unable to do last year.
In fact, now I hope he wears the Cherry tie and the white shirt because it's become a good-luck charm.
It's not a particularly scary outfit, unless you happen to be on the other side of Lincoln Financial Field wearing some other uniform.
Let's do our best to keep that outfit and the man wearing it here for a long, long time.
Becoming Iconic (with a capital I) in the World Class city of Philadelphia is a good way to start.