Friday, October 2, 2009

Watch the Temple-EMU game for free here

A TEMPLE FOOTBALL PRAYER: Please, God, don't make me have to listen to these two guys, who'll be doing the game on WHAT-AM, 1340. (You are OK, Steve, it's Harry who drives me nuts.) And while you are at it, God, how about a 38-10 or 38-3 Owl win? Thanks, God. I'll cut you in for 10 percent of the $200 million, if I win tonight. You know I'm good for it. Amen.

I'm always wary of sites offering something for free, but here's one that caught my eye:
Watch the Temple vs. Eastern Michigan game here for free.
There's really no way to check this out, other than trying it at 1 p.m.
I figure, geez, what have I got to lose?
If the link doesn't work, I can follow plan a) The Eastern Michigan website ($5.95) or plan b) the MAC website.
Hey, if I was independently wealthy, I'd be there with the other 5,000 or so fans expected to be in attendance.
My Herman The German Picks
I have this guy in the neighborhood who hands out white betting slips every week. You must pick at least three games. The more games you pick the better your chances are of winning.
I call him "Herman The German" for no other reason than his name is Herman and he's German.
Or at least of German heritage.
Anyway, Herman offers me these things and I say, "Come back in Oct., when I know something about college football."
So Herman's back and now that some games are played, I know enough to make an educated guess.
So here are my "Herman the German" picks this week, HOME teams are in caps:
South Florida at SYRACUSE _ South Florida is the 6 1/2-point favorite and they'll cover despite being in the dome. South Florida, 28-14.
PURDUE vs. Northwestern _ Purdue is a 7-point favorite and Northwestern went down to the final play with Eastern Michigan. EMU lost to Army by double digits at home. Purdue, 31-17.
MINNESOTA vs. Wisconsin _ Even though Minnesota is at home and a 2 1/2-point favorite, Badgers are significantly better and should cover. Wisconsin, 27-20.
Toledo at BALL ST. _ Toledo hammered Colorado pretty good. Rockets should hammer Ball State, 28-10, and cover the 4 1/2-point spread.
NORTHERN ILLINOIS vs. Western Michigan _ Tim Hiller is a pretty good QB who should keep WMU within the 6 1/2-point spread. A late Garrett Barnas interception seals the deal for Huskies, 18-15. "I could have been the starting QB at Temple," Barnas tells reporters afterward. "But coach Golden is a pretty stubborn guy. At least I'm at a place where I'm appreciated."
But I have to work and the $200 million lottery doesn't happen until about seven hours after the game is over.
So I can't count on winning that.
Gotta work, so I'm going to lug this old laptop to the nearest Panera Bread for my free wi-fi and hope to get my free Owls.
Just in case, I'll bring the credit card, too.
And, yeah, I'll stick a transitor radio in my bag as well just in case plans a, b and c don't work.
If I have to listen to Harry and Steve, I might as well bring Bambo shoots, Chinese Water torture equipment and some pliers to pull my own teeth.
All of those things are less painful than listening to an Owl game on the radio.