Friday, November 9, 2012

Fast Forward Friday: Two home games left

We called Matt Brown's opening kickoff return for six last week
 so now we're calling for Vaughn Carraway's first INT return 
for six since the Villanova game.

Weather should be great for penultimate home game.
As I sat in Rentschler Stadium on a beautiful October afternoon, I was drawn to a promotion on the scoreboard.
"Next home game: UConn vs. Pitt, Nov. 9."
"November 9 is the next home game here?" I said to the person sitting next to me. "That's a long way away."
In just another testimonial to how fleeting time is, Nov. 9 is here.
In another, that's the last time Temple got to enjoy a win.
In a third, there are only two home games left in Temple's football season.
I plan to make the most out of the experience.
I hope you do, too.
Owl fans are blessed to be in the Big East and are blessed to have had great weather days for home games this season.
I remember sitting in 32-degree weather in a November home 55-52 win over Eastern Michigan, so the 60-degree and sunny forecast for tomorrow is a blessing indeed. Hell is not supposed to be that cold but, believe me, Temple playing a directional Michigan school before an empty LFF on the day after Thanksgiving was pure Hell.
Both Brown taking the opening kickoff and it standing turned out to be true.

Those days are over, Thank God.
Most of all, I hope the team makes the most of their chance to redeem this season.
What to expect?
I have no idea, but I mused on another website before last week's game that it would be nice for Matt Brown to return the opening kickoff for six. He did, so I'm musing that it would be nice for Vaughn Carraway to make the most out of Munchie Legaux's penchant for interceptions by returning one for six this week.
Going into the season, I thought Temple had a chance to go 8-3 and I did not think the Owls would do worse than six wins.
What happened?
Some injuries and a couple of big suspensions and an under-performing defensive line and secondary and drops and turnovers.
Basically, everything.
To get to six wins now, though, they will have to sweep the remaining November games or win two  Nov. games and the proposed Dec. 7 not-so-sneak attack on Honolulu.
That's a long way away in more ways than one.
If the Owls traverse that time and distance, what awaits is the greatest bowl game in Temple history. A six-win Big East team always goes to a bowl that trumps any 10-win MAC team so Temple fans at least have that hope to hang onto.
And the great weather.
Only two home games left.
Here's hoping the fans and the team make the most of it.

Picks last week: Only a half point stopped me from going 3-1 against the spread last week. Buffalo won by 3, instead of 3 1/2.
Last week: 3-1 overall, 2-2 ATS.
Overall: 14-7, ATS 11-10.
This week:  (All from spreads in USA Today) Although my overall record probably will take a hit this week, I like a lot of high-value underdogs to pump up the ATS record. ARMY getting 18 at Rutgers; MIAMI (FLA.) getting 1 at Virginia; VANDY getting 3 at Mississippi; GEORGIA TECH getting 9 at North Carolina; BUFFALO getting 2 1/2 at home vs. Western Michigan. Only like one favorite: TULSA giving 2 at Houston.
Reasoning: Trends over the last 3 games show all of the underdogs playing their best ball of the season and Tulsa has been a solid play all year, thanks largely to the nation's leading sack attack.

Tomorrow: No story, but complete analysis of the game on Sunday