Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wait nearly over for several Owls

Sports Illustrated's rankings of the Temple players.

Bonecrusher (left) and Wayne
From the moment several seniors walked off the field for the final time after Temple's win in the New Mexico Bowl, the waiting began.
Waiting. Working out. Waiting some more, working out some more.
Many of the seniors were hopeful of a pro career.
"I need only one team to love me," was the way wide receiver Rod Streater put it.
A lot of the Owls could have said the same thing. The draft begins for everyone on Thursday night (7:30 p.m.), but our Owls will probably go on Friday and Saturday.
I think the team that gets Streater is getting a steal, probably as a free agent.
Look at it this way: Streater was a state high jump champion in New Jersey, runs fairly well, has good hands, goes over the middle fearlessly and can win any fade pass jump ball with a DB.
If he was as fast as, say, Travis Shelton, was (4.29, 40), he'd probably be a first-round pick. He doesn't have burning speed, but he can get separation.
I don't see a whole lot of difference in ability between the Eagles' Riley Cooper and Streater.
If Riley Cooper can play in the league, so can Streats.
Temple had its pro day on March 16 and head coach Steve Addazio said "I wouldn't be surprised if three-quarters of them make a (NFL) camp."
Sports Illustrated rated the Owls (above graphic). I don't think SI saw very many Temple games, let's put it that way.
If you don't have the NFL network, go to NFL.com for live streaming.

If I had to take a guess, Bernard Pierce will go near the end of the third round and Evan Rodriguez will go in the fifth. Derek "Bonecrusher" Dennis will go  in the sixth and Adrian Robinson has a chance to go in the seventh round.
Robinson will finally be playing the position (OLB) I told his dad Al Golden should have had him from the jump. Temple, though, had a need for a pass rusher and Robinson fit the bill. He was too valuable for the new staff to move out but he's got a motor like nobody's business and that should serve him well in any pro camp. Rodriguez had an excellent combine and played well in all-star games. I think in a system like New England runs (but not necessarily New England), Erod's ability to catch the ball and break tackles after the catch make him a particularly effective player.
I think Wayne Tribue, Kevin Kroboth, Tahir Whitehead, Streater, Kee-Ayre Griffin and even Joey Jones have a chance to land free-agent contracts. Bonecrusher and Wayne have been inseparable for four years and wouldn't it be great for them to end up in the same camp?
They might have to wait a little longer than Pierce or Rodriguez, but their wait is nearly over.
In the league where they pay for play, most of them will get paid at least for a little while.
How well they play after that will determine their long-term futures.