Saturday, February 25, 2012

The unofficial official announcement

"If this helps my old Temple guys, let's move the
South Florida game," Al Golden seems to be saying.
This week was the 50th anniversary of the John Glenn orbital space flight, the first by an American.
I'm too young to remember the TV broadcast of that re-entry, but I do remember the replay of what one of the ground crew guys said to Glenn after he successfully re-entered despite a heat shield that was about to burn up.
"Roger, John Glenn," the man said, "you've got a lot of guys on the ground here about to turn blue."
Well, I've been holding my breath for a few days and I'm about to turn blue waiting for another re-entry: Temple back to the Big East.
So is just about every fan who cares about Temple sports.
"Obviously I think Temple's a great fit for the Big East. I think clearly we began the process of establishing you can recruit, and there's so many great things that have occurred at Temple University. I think they're worthy of taking that next step."
_ Al Golden,
May 24th, 2011
One of the guys covering Miami (Fla.) football I've gotten to know after he asked me questions about Al Golden last fall provided a clue this morning.
"Mike, we had to move our game with South Florida to accomodate a Temple game on the Big East schedule," the man wrote in an email. "Good news for you guys. Congratulations. Al Golden can't say anything specific, but I assume he's happy."
That's about as official as it gets these days.
I looked on the internet over the last few hours and a half to get this information "sourced" and the best I could come up with was a report in the Tampa Tribune that confirmed the move and mentioned the Temple talks as a possible reason.
That, combined with calls to the Temple ticket office where the man answered "we're waiting on the Big East" for the schedule to be finalized indicates to be that Temple and the MAC must have reached a settlement of their $2.5 million exit fee and the two years' notice.
Those two pieces of the puzzle seem to fit nicely. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to come to a conclusion based on that evidence.
Otherwise, it would not be logical to move games to accomodate a Big East schedule about to be released in a few days.
It's not the official announcement we've all been waiting for, but it will have to do for now.