Sunday, January 22, 2012

Auburn gets a great OC in Scot Loeffler

Scot Loeffler's first press conference at Auburn starts at 0:30 timestamp.

If you are an Auburn football fan, you've got to be feeling pretty good today.
Heck, you might not know who Scot Loeffler is but, trust me, you've got to be feeling pretty good today.
The most unpopular guy on a struggling football offense is either the starting quarterback or the offensive coordinator.
Scot Loeffler was Temple's offensive coordinator for one season and all you need to know is that every Owl fan loved the guy and the plays he called.
That came one year after EVERYBODY hated the guy who preceded him, Matt Rhule. (Well, everybody loved the guy but hated the plays he called and the overall offensive scheme, which was bleeped up for want of a better term.)
Rhule's offense, broken into its most basic terms, was this:
First down _ Handoff to Bernard Pierce (or Matt Brown);
Second down _ Handoff to Bernard Pierce (or Matt Brown);
Third down _ Pass (usually resulting in a sack);
Fourth down _ Punt.
The second page of Matt Rhule's playbook is illustrated in the graphic here. All you need to know is that the graphic was made by the most precocious 17-year-old Owl fan ever. And there was not one long-time Owl fan sitting in the stands who disagreed with him. The only person I came across who supported Rhule was the father of a Rhule recruit and I run into a lot of Owl fans. Even more importantly, I know what I see and smell and it didn't pass the vision and smell test with Rhule.
Loeffler passed with flying colors.
For one year at least, Loeffler injected some imagination into the offense.
The Matt Rhule offense
Egad, passes on first down, a waggle to a talented tight end to open things up for an NFL running back.
Second down runs.
Who would have thought?
The Rhule Apologists  say it was because Al Golden was a micromanager.
I'm not buying it.
I sincerely hope that Addazio doesn't promote Rhule to his old job. Matt would be much more valuable in the role of special teams' head coach.
We need a new guy in charge of the offense.
Otherwise, it'll be Matty Brown left, Matty Brown right and an incomplete pass on third down.
That's not my idea of an offense.
Fortunately, it won't be that way for Auburn fans this fall. I expect Loeffler will see what the defense gives him and take it.
I also, sadly, fully expect Daz to hire Matt Rhule as his new offensive coordinator. Rhule's title was "co-offensive coordinator" this season if that's any clue.
My fervent hope is that he does not change that to sole offensive coordinator.
Daz, your move. Show me you are a better CEO than Al Golden.

This play will work with Alex Jackson next season, too.