Saturday, December 17, 2011

"T"o"T"al Domination

"You think I'm going to miss playing in our first win over Penn State next year? No way
The pros can always wait. I'm having too much fun right now," The Franchise seems to be saying.
There was one defining moment for me in today's 37-15 Temple win over Wyoming and it is probably not one you will guess right away.
It was just a little picture, not the big one.
The Owls hoisting that New Mexico Bowl Clay Pot Trophy?
Yeah, good guess, but try again.

Rod Streater's touchdown catch of Chris Coyer's pass right before the half to make it 28-7?
Again, nice try.
Give up?
I'll tell you.
It was head coach Steve Addazio grabbing Matty Brown in a bear hug in the first half.
That said it all for me.
If every Owl had a heart as big as the one in Matty Brown's body, Temple would be playing for the national championship on the second week of January instead of coming home with a New Mexico Bowl Trophy in the middle of December.
Brown was so upset coming out of the game after one play that he made it known.
Instead of yelling at him, Addazio took the moment to console him and tell him how much he was loved. Addazio wrapped him in a hug and walked him away, saying something gently in his ear that seemed to resonate with him.
That was an important moment for me and it should have been an important moment to every Owl fan.
A sweet T-shirt headed my way.

It was for this Owl fan.
We have the right guy leading this program and I for one hopes he stays for a long, long time and does not have the same kind of wandering eye the last guy had.
If  you are a Temple fan like me, this is one of the two greatest days of your life.
The other day came in 1979 when a fullback named Mark Bright ran over and through California for a 28-17 win in the Garden State Bowl.
This time, Total Domination came in the form of a 100-yard day by Bernard "The Franchise" Pierce and an offensive MVP trophy from quarterback Chris Coyer.
Of course, there was Chuck Heater's defense.
It was there all year and it will be there next year as well.
This is just the start of something big at Temple and, if The Franchise stays next year, it will be a very big and fun season for not only him but for all of us and maybe, just maybe, a January bowl win to cap it.
Meanwhile, we know we have a coach who is so tuned in he knows little picture can be just as important as the big one.