Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Steve Addazio

Upgrades at DC with Chuck Heater and OC with Scot Loeffler
mean Addazio could be in a better position to succeed than AG was.

Tomorrow is Steve Addazio's 52d birthday.
June 1, 1959 was the day he came into this world.

You might think the first gift he received was last week's commitment of promising Washington, D.C. quarterback Benjamin Onett.
I don't think so.
To me, the gift came a few days earlier and was this terrific statistical analysis of Al Golden's work at Temple.

Make no mistake, Golden set the bar high for Addazio.
To me, with this kind of talent Golden has left here, Addazio will have to go at least 10-2.
That would represent both an improvement of each of the last two seasons and a MAC championship.
But it would not mean wins over Penn State and Maryland (although those would be nice). He can do it by running the MAC table.
The statistical analysis seems to indicate that the bar is not all that high for Addazio, although the Owls can't afford to stub their toe like they did in losses at the end of the season to Ohio and Miami.
What it doesn't address is the lack of imagination in Golden's offensive schemes and his failure to stop the read option of Frank Solich's Ohio teams in each of the last two seasons.
Does Scot Loeffler inject that imagination in the offense?
Does Chuck Heater, who comes with a far more impressive resume as a DC than Mark D'Onofrio ever had, have a handle on the read option?
Is Addazio a better overall motivator and CEO than Golden was?

We'll have a good idea about five minutes after the Villanova game.
If it is a gut-wrencher, like the last two were, it's going to be a long season.
My money is on the Owls to cover that night and a short and brilliant season to follow.
Happy birthday, Steve.