Friday, March 18, 2011

Temple: The power of the 'stache

Hopefully, some of coach Dunphy's lucky 'stache will rub off on coach Addazio.

I'll be the first to admit that my favorite sport is football followed by baseball.
Basketball has always been a distant third.
Not these last couple of weeks, though.
I'll also admit that I've been caught up in this run by the Temple men's basketball Owls because of the prestige this brings our great university and because I got to know a few of the kids on the basketball team and met coach Fran Dunphy, who I've always admired.
I admire him not just because he's a winner but you know he loves Temple. You know there's no question he's here to stay. I could never say the same about the football coach who preceded Addazio.
Heck, I don't know if I can say that about Addazio yet.
Meet coach Dunphy just once and he will make you feel like the most important person in the room.
I often see coach Dunphy in the hallways at Lincoln Financial Field and always say "Hi Fran."
He doesn't know me from Adam but he always stops and says, "How 'ya feelin'? All right?"
I talked to other Temple fans and they tell me they've had a similar experience.
I don't know if coach Addazio is the football version of coach Dunphy but, geez, I hope he is.
If coach Addazio can do what coach Dunphy has done, three league championships in his first three years, then he will match what coach Dunphy has done from a regular-season perspective.
If coach Addazio can win three league championships in his first three years and then win the bowl game in the fourth, then his postseason will have matched what coach Dunphy did on Thursday.
Winning a first-round NCAA game is very much the equivalent of winning a bowl game, especially the kinds of bowls MAC teams are sent to.
I love the way the two interact in the above video, which has a corny premise but both took in good humor.
Whatever happens now for the hoops' squad is gravy, but I like gravy.
Hopefully, Addazio will serve up delicious mashed MAC potatoes with the same kind of gravy on top.
Good luck, Fran.
Good luck, Steve.
Hopefully, Temple basketball will still be playing on a national stage when the football team opens up spring practice in four days.