Friday, December 3, 2010

Al Golden to Minny? Ha ... Ha

The Al Golden Football Camp is the largest one-day camp on the East Coast.
 Today, long-time reader of TFF Brian sent me an excellent question about how speculation about Al Golden going to Minnesota and anywhere else, for that matter, affects Temple.
While not getting into the Temple part, I answered it this way:

All I can say about Minnesota is that, which has direct access to Al Golden, has said that Al Golden has no interest, had no interest and will have no interest in the Minnesota job.

Al Golden has done enough RIGHT NOW at Temple to move into the No. 1 or No. 2 spot to replace JoePa at PSU, which is his dream job.

Could you imagine what would happen if, before 50,000 screaming TEMPLE fans (and maybe 20K) PSU fans at the Linc next year, he, Mike Gerardi/Chris Coyer, Bernard Pierce/Ryan Brumfield, Rod Streater, Mo Wilkerson and Adrian Robinson, et. al. BEAT Penn State?

He immediately moves into the No. 1 spot at PSU and gives Temple the greatest parting gift of all.

Going anywhere right now jeopardizes dreams he has for two of the three major educational institutions in Pennsylvania.

And, more importantly, himself.

Golden has the largest single-day camps during the summer within easy driving distance of 45 percent of the nation's population (and football talent). This is Golden's recruiting footprint.
He won't give that up to go just anywhere.

Ha. Ha.

Now to answer the Temple part.
I don't like Al Golden's name coming up in speculation for all of these jobs every year.
It can't help recruiting.
However, look at it this way:
If his name wasn't to crop up every year, he wouldn't be doing his primary job, which is to put Temple football on the national map.
Is that job done?
Heck no.
A bowl game against UCLA was a nice step last year.
A bowl win, over say a Utah or a Miami (Fla.), is the next step.
Beating Penn State next year would put Temple football right in the middle of the national map with a thumb tack over an Owl logo.
Only then will the job be complete.