Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UConn: Double, triple and quadruple revenge

The Husky Pokey, written and sung by Jimmie Ross.
There's been a lot of talk about UConn being a "double revenge" game for Temple.

Temple AD Bill Bradshaw expects at least 25,000. Let's surprise him and the suits in the Big East office and put 30K in there.
Might as well be a triple or quadruple revenge game, mostly revolving around Big East refs, who will unfortunately show their ugly faces on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field.
Let's count the ways:
Temple was kicked out of the Big East and UConn was the replacement team. True, UConn was in before Temple was out but UConn wouldn't have been in if Temple wasn't out.
Two questionable losses. Announcers from both teams (radio) and the regional television audiences felt Bruce Francis clearly caught the ball on replay, but Big East replay official Jack Kramer didn't. This angle above shows feet in and a Philadelphia TV station showed clear possession on the reverse angle. In Philadelphia, Travis Shelton ran a reverse to the UConn 1 on the first play of overtime that was called back by (you guessed it) a Big East ref on a phantom hold.
There was no Temple player near the play. "That was a brutal call," Penn State coach Joe Paterno said on his weekly radio show. "Our coaches looked at it and we looked at it again. The Temple guy who they said held wasn't even in the play and he didn't hold anyway. Temple deserved to win that game."
Tickets free for students
Will the Owls stay undefeated at the Linc? Be there on Saturday to watch it happen as Temple takes on UCONN Kick off is @ 12!

Free Student tailgate starting at 10:30am=FREE FOOD!
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The Big East invited a Philadelphia team, Villanova, that has no stadium to play in over a Temple team that already has a D1A program and an ironclad lease in the best stadium in the world through 2018. Disrespect? Stevie Wonder could see that.
Randy Edsall said his team respects Temple because anybody can lose to anybody, then compared it to James Madison beating Virginia Tech and North Dakota State beating Kansas. One problem. Those were FCS programs. Temple is a FBS program, just like UConn.
Arrogance on the Boneyard board:

"If this game is closer than 28-10, I'll be surprised."
_ Section 138
"We're on the road. The place will be morguelike."
Yeah, I'd say so.
Double revenge.
This game is like the cycle of revenge games for Temple.
Temple fans packed the Linc for the Villanova game, drawing 30K of the 32K fans.
They have much more reason to do so on Saturday.

Temple fans have to make this kind of showing, like in the Villanova game, where it was wall-to-wall people wearing Cherry (except for one section of Nova fans) filling the entire lower bowl of the Linc. Bring your "Let's Go Temple" signs and make some noise like the rowdy and enthustiastic Philadelphia fans you are.
UConn fans expect the atmosphere at the Linc to be "morguelike" ... it will be if you consider the following morguelike: