Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Temple people must support Temple

Go to the 3:53 mark to learn the Morkeith Brown chant. Fans can at least learn the final part that ends with TU.

You can learn a lot by spending five or 10 or 30 minutes with ex-Temple coach Wayne Hardin.
Hardin is in his 80s now and, unlike Joe Paterno (unfortunately), still incredibly mentally sharp.
Gosh, I wish I was that sharp.
Ten ways for Temple people to support Temple
1. Morkeith Brown's cheer (it'll take some practice, but the team has to get through two-a-days, so maybe we can get the Cherry Crusade to do this in the parking lot).
2. This site and and OwlsDaily is like preaching to the choir. I know you are going to go and you know you are going to go, but what are we doing to reach people who haven't been to a Temple game since the Beach Boys and M.C. Hammer?
3. Utilize Facebook and Twitter (I barely know how to do this). I'm sure the young folks have many more followers and friends than I do.
4. Utilize the student directory. Emphasize the fun students have (free beer and food plentiful) and how it is a great way to network with fellow students and alumni, especially the first week of the school year.
5. Heisman Trophy angle. Yes, Temple has a legitimate HT candidate this year. Tell your friends. Tell your Eagle fan friends. Tell them this guy is better than Shady McCoy. He is. Tell them he'll be a lot more legitimate when he rips off 3 bills and 3 scores against Nova, even while used sometimes to set up play-action to 4.3 wideouts.
6. Get your non-Temple friends involved (again, free beer and food angle).
7. Get fans you know who are going to the Phils' game that day involved.
8. Email everyone in your address book the Mayor's Cup Event Facebook page.
9. Put a Mayor's Cup for sale sign on your front lawn.
10. Purchase a Hunt for Heisman bumper sticker so that you can roll like the buses with a message supporting Temple football.
Hardin knows more about football than any man I've ever known and, considering that I've known Mike Pettine, Sr., perhaps the greatest high school coach of all time, that's saying a lot.
Hardin knows a lot about life and people, too.
He knows Temple University.
Hardin, pretty much through the power of his will alone, helped pack a crowd of 30,000 people, almost entirely wearing Cherry and White, into the Navy game three years ago at Lincoln Financial Field.
His message in the months leading up to the game:
Temple people must support Temple.
"Look," Hardin said, "you have a school with 250,000 (now in excess of 270,000) alumni, most of them living in a short driving distance to the stadium. You have 33,000 full-time students. You have 12,000 full-time employees. They should all be supporting Temple."
So should you.
So ARE you.
On a site like this one, I feel like I'm preaching to the choir at times.
Even though we've had enough visitors here to fill Beaver Stadium twice or Lincoln Financial Field three times, I don't feel like I'm getting to the other 250,000 alumni who've thought about attending a game in the last 30 years but didn't.
Here you have a football team coming off a school-record nine-game winning streak playing a local rival coming off a national small school championship.
All indications are the Villanova "crowd" will not top 5-7K.
That's why it's important for Temple people to get 30-40K TEMPLE people at the game.
That's why it's important for the Temple people who are there to get behind the team much like the 20,000-plus Temple fans who traveled to D.C. got behind the team then.
The "Let's Go Temple" cheer just before Temple's second touchdown literally rocked the old RFK Stadium to its foundation.
A D.C. United soccer fan told me on the way out that it was never that loud in that stadium for a D.C. United game and he said it gets loud often.
So that's why Hardin's message should be heeded now more than ever.
That message is clearer now than it was then.
Spread the word and not just to your football fan friends.
Go through the student directory and email blast every kid.
Buttonhole as many Temple alumni as you know and talk up the game.
Talk up the game to the Temple police, the kids who work at the bookstore, the person who serves you the burger at Wendy's.
Heck, get the food truck vendors down there, too. Milton Street, the ex-Mayor's brother, used to sell me cheesesteaks when I was a Temple student. I doubt he's still there, but others have taken over.
When you get to the stadium, do the Morkeith Brown cheer.
Think the football team won't be impressed with that?
They'd go crazy.
That's the idea.
Show them we're behind them and the support is there.